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Rhys Payne - Wales Mens International
Rhys Payne - Wales Mens International

The Hero Way

Hero Goalie Co have a European influence. We have been inspired by Jansen, Vogels, Jufesa, Blaak and Cortes over the years. We believe there is no wrong way to keep goal.

We look for a fast athletic mobile base and we try to bolt on skill sets and technical repetitions to compliment it.

We believe the goalkeeper is unique and needs to be trained as such. All of our coaches are selected carefully and a rich goalkeeping history and insight is vital for all of our team. You wont find anyone in our team who hasnt played in goal to a good level.

Our growing reputation across england is testament to our hard working team and our strong branding.

The future is Pink!

What is Hero?

Hero Goalie Co was founded in 2020 out of COVID lockdown. Online workshops and Live calls with international goalkeepers were simply an idea Keir had to help engage young people with goalkeeping during a particularly tough time for young people.

The Live calls grew bigger and bigger with the viewings going from 50 to 200 people in just a few weeks. Soon enough we welcomed World Class goalkeeping stars such as Pirmin Blaak, Quico Cortes, Ramon Jufresa, Ollie Payne, Alex Stadler, Amy Gibson, Tommy Alexander and coaches such as Jimi Lewis, John Hurst and Mark Hickman.

Now Hero is one of the leading goalkeeping brands in the United Kingdom. We have built a team of coaches and a great reputation for developing goalies and forming close nurturing relationships.

Our Services

An image of a discussion during a 1-2-1 session

One to One Training

We deliver one to one sessions for goalkeepers who want to focus on their game closely.

The training puts the goalkeeper at the centre of the session focussing on skills they may have personally identified or those that the coaches feel would really have an impact on their game. These are technical work outs which use video analysis. Our approach in these sessions is all about the small tiny details that will add value to the goalkeeper.

£68.00 per session (60 mins)

Image of our first Group session at K-Sports in Kent

5 week Academy Blocks

Five week blocks are designed to give the goalkeepers an extended amount of input and feedback. These sessions are five consecutive sessions once a week to build technical understanding and learn through working in groups. The groups are ability based usually. Juniors love these as friendships are formed and the opportunity to work in groups of goalies is unique.

Academy Blocks £175.00

We cater for Club Focused Days or Academies

Club Days

We can visit your club and bring our full team to deliver a Goalkeeping Experience for your entire club. The day would include CPD for all of your club coaches. This day includes resources to keep and use at your club, video presentation as well as working on the pitch side by side with our elite and International goalkeeping experts. The day can be split half and half junior and senior or tailored to what your club needs. Cost wise, some clubs have recouped the money from their members and others have facilitated the day but payments have been made by the goalkeepers themselves. For this to work we have a minimum number of 15 goalkeepers.

Club day cost £1100

An image showing our first Online Coaching Webinar with special guests

Online Goalkeeping Webinar

Are you trying to raise the profile of goalkeeping at your club? Do you have a limited budget to work with? Our Online webinars are a great entry level way of bringing goalkeeping to the fore at your club. We can present on Best Practice as well as differentiating for performance and higher level goalkeepers. This can also work nicely for beginners or training parent helpers how to deliver high quality sessions.

Online webinar cost £250.00


Camp Days are run regionally across the south of the country but goalkeepers and their families often travel up to 2 hours to reach us.

The days are for juniors and seniors but groups are ability based meaning goalkeepers are comfortable in their surroundings and no pressure is placed on them unnecessarily. Goalkeepers also have the opportunity to move up. The Camp days are 5-6 hours of intensive training but most importantly ‘the hero way’ is a perfect blend of competition, fun and technical training. Simple systems can be learnt to reproduce confident technique.

Goalies spend a lot of time on their own and finding their own way at club level, so Hero give all goalkeepers close attention and time to talk explain and digest the coaching points. Goalkeeping can be done successfully in a variety of ways, so Hero actively set out not to change and correct too much. Subtle tweaks and process driven approach can add value to any goalies game.

Camp place cost £90.00

Image showing a Hero Goalie Camp

Meet the Team

Image of Hero Goalie Co Founder Keir Starley

Keir Starley Founder of Hero Goalie Co

He is a former England Junior International at all levels and a Premier League winner with Canterbury Hockey Club. Keir was involved in National Premiership hockey for seven years.

Keir captained England Masters Over 35s to home nations glory in 2018. Keir was a hockey scholar at North London University playing under Head coach Kwan Browne.

As a coach Keir has been around the circuit a lot. He spent years on the road visiting clubs across the south of England as a specialist and he was also Lead Coach with MH1 for three years. Keir was the Wales National Goalkeeper Coach for 4 years helping them to World Cup Qualification success.

Keir has worked with several junior international goalkeepers taking them from club to international level as a mentor and coach.

Keir has worked at numerous premier league mens 1st XI goalkeepers including Hampstead wimbledon and Southgate. He also works as personal coach to the South African Mens goalkeeper AVL. He is an England Hockey Dise programme goalkeeper coach.

Image of Hero Director and Lead Coach Matt Carter

Matt Carter Co-Director of Hero Goalie Co

Matt joined the leadership team of the company in 2022. Matt is a highly experienced club and junior Goalkeeper Coach. Whilst at university Matt coached the National League goalkeepers at Plymouth Marjons.

Matt has led group and 1 to 1 sessions proving himself to be a great asset to the company. He is a Goalkeeper Coach at Marden Russets and works closely with Co-Director.

Matt's arrival as a leader means Hero can now grow and develop under the leadership of not just one but two people. We are very excited to watch Matt grow and develop with the Performance Goalkeeping.

Image of Hero Coach Andy Gaut

Andy Gaut Operations Manager

Andy is a vastly experienced 1st XI club goalkeeper who is also a Wales Masters Goalie. Andy fits our ethos of only employing experienced goalkeepers who are brilliant humans! His energy and passion for goalkeeping is perfect for Hero!

Image of Hero Coach Anton Van Loggerenberg

Anton Van Loggerenberg International Athlete

Anton plays for the South African Mens national team and is training hard to make the Olympics. He is in the UK to play for Southgate HC in the English Premier League. Anton is one of the most positive people on the planet and his personality is something special! A huge asset to our team especially at elite levels.

Image of Hero Coach Robyn Thompson

Robyn Thompson

Robyn has a huge amount of National and International experience for her age. She has played at Canterbury and Sevenoaks as well as being part of England junior teams at all levels. She is on a hockey scholarship in the US at Princeton. Robyn is a great role model and has brilliant tips for young aspiring goalkeepers in the pathway system.

Image of Hero Coach Mark Haycroft

Mark Haycroft Lead Coach

Mark is an experienced coach with other various coaching brands but decided to join the team as he enjoys the Hero style and approach to coaching. Mark also works in education so has a great connection with young people. Mark has played at Surbiton and is now part of the Wimbledon 1st XI squad.

Image of Hero Coach Alistair Burt

Alistair Burt

Alistair is a seasoned 1st XI goalkeeper of many years. He really understands what goalkeeping is about and what is required in the modern game. Hero are so fortunate to have this wealth of experience and great guy on our team.

Image of Hero Mental Skills Coach Chris Pearce

Chris Pearce Mental Skills Coach

Chris is a National League Head Coach with Canterbury Ladies 1st XI as well as a full time strengths and performance coach. He specialises in mental skills, mindset and goal setting. Hero recognises the power of the mind and the enormous role of mental robustness and resilience as goalkeeper's. Chris works with goalkeepers at our sessions alongside the technical training to give each and every athlete the complete experience.

Image of Hero Coach Chris Stephens

Chris Stephens

Chris is a very experienced 1st XI goalkeeper with decades of experience at club and county level. His years if wisdom and knowledge of the positon is second to none. We are so pleased to have Chris with us! Chris specialises in junior goalkeepers.

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